Over the seasons we produces a number of extra content. Audio plays, wallpapers, audio letters and interviews

Bacon Quest

Bacon Quest was an audio play we put together in Season 2. It turned out to be a mammoth undetaking and we all learnt a huge amount about editing, production and what it takes to produce a season of planned entertainment


  • Chris 'Kraden' McKenna - Vocals (Sir Fights-a-lot, Townspeople), Editing, Mixing, Foley
  • Kyle Evans - Foley, Ambiance, Sound Effects, Vocals (Lord Edge)
  • Erika 'Carnival' Vasos - Editing, Vocals (Carnival Carnavadaboodelbah, Townsperson, Mushi, Sir Geoffrey)
  • Stephanie 'Jeneara' Masin - Vocals (Gem Jen)
  • Joshua 'Tinycat' Kinslea - Writing, Editing, Vocals (Koneko Katamadamatsemoto, Doom-door, Kings Aide)
  • Kell Bengal - Vocals (Doctor Kell, Narrator)
  • Ray Liehm - Vocals (Ray Liehm)
  • Shirou - Vocals (Dragonian Guard)
  • Dyluck - Scoring, Vocals (Chocolate unicorn, Townsperson)
  • Kaz Panthdragon - Vocals (Dogorolem)
  • - Vocals (Queen Bee, Receptionist)
  • Caroo - Vocals (Mondo Mongo)
  • Vixen - Vocals (Ten-Tails the Firefox)
  • Logan Husky - Vocals (Ghost)
  • - Vocals (King Sauhagin)
  • - Vocals (King Bay'kin)
  • - Vocals (Royal Herald)
  • - Vocals (Princess Porkshop)
  • Icey - Vocals (Innkeper innanaov)
  • - Vocals (Master-of-arms)

A Journey Begins
Swordsmans Academy
Mages Academy
The Alchemist
The Heroes Assembled
Chocolate Unicorn
The Rhyming Woods
Kongo Mondo
The Lava Pits
Tentails The Firefox
Krystal Sandwich
King Sahuagin
The Factory
Queen Bee


A series of interviews the ActFur cast produced with various people in and out of the fandom.

Closer than you think

Ramirus linked us to a fellow in the US army who has one heck of a coming-out (of the fandom) story that shows that others, may just be closer than you think.


There's always a level of trepedation expressing your fandom and place in it. So when Slushy put togther and released a video to his entire school, and the internet, we just had to get his take on the matter.


We interview the staff behing Scotland's newest (at the time) Furry Convention, Scotiacon.

Kitfox Crimson

Old friend, fantastic artist and all-around Uber-geek Kitfox Crimson talks about his comic omnibus 'Stolen Generation'.

2 Gryphon

Kell Bengal and Kraden interview the ever enigmatic 2Gryphon on the power of the spoken word.

Furry News Network

In Season 2 ActFur syndicated with the Furry News network. We were really interested in just what they did, and asked the staff to give us their version of the FNN

Guest Segments & Other

Segments sent in by our listeners, as well as various ads and audio grabs we've put together.

A History of Chiptune

Sent in by: Sawtooth

RivFur Ad 2013

Cast: Kraden, Carnival, Logan, Kyle Evans

Literature of the Anthro Variety

Carnival and Ramirus put together a special episode on a series of Anthro-theme books that have really made an impact on them.

Ranting Competition

We hosted a Ranting competition, judges by our resident Fenris, during season 2. Find the entries here.

AAron Lee
Captain Ribs (Winner)
Ziggy Steelwolf