ActFur ran over 5 Seasons and was broadcast internationally. Our major listener base was Australia, America & the UK, but we had listeners from Iceland, Madagaskar, Russia and even a few from China (who somehow got through their giant fire-wall).


ActFur was planned to be one of a group of podcasts broadcasting across Australia, with a show giving voice to each state. The show started in the Australian Capital Territory, or the A.C.T. which is why the show has the name it does.

The Beginning

Kraden had done podcasts before and still had the discussion bug whittling away at his brain. So he asked Jeneara if she's be interested in starting a new venture, they wanted to bring a show that discussed aspects of their fandom, but knew from researcha and experiencethat a fandom focusproduction wouldn't last. They needed a broad spectrum of topics and events, they needed someone who could bring some intelect to the show, someone with class.

That person was Kell Bengal, long time friend of the duo and an actual mechatronics engineer. Aka, Robotosict. With three voices, some basic equipment and a hell of a lot of amaeture enthusiasm they set out to start their new show.

The Lost Season

Needless to say the results were less than stellar. Massive equipment issues, multiple power failures and even a few episodes quite literally lost from existance (save periodically people!)

We learnt quickly and decided to outlay for decent equipment was a must. Took some time to prepare and research and came back strong and striking for season 1.

Finding the Talent

Fenris, Ray, Shirou, Tinycat

Season 1

Farewell Kell, Hello Rainbow

The big Season

(Carnival, most eps, Bacon Quest)

The Burn out


The last season