What is...

ActFur on Air?

It was a pop culture, media and Furry culture podcast that ran from 2009-2015.

"ActFur was like an insider on the edge looking in, an ability to see, comment and react to the goings on in the world and in the fandom at large that made it a fantastic gateway into the subculture for newcomers, and brilliant commentary for established fans

Originally envisioned as an Australia-wide discussion group ActFur was the only state to get off the ground, and the name evolved from A.C.T (Australian Capital Territory) to simply ActFur (Acting Furry).

You can find and listen to our epsiodes below, or find out more on the history of the show throughout the site.

Listen to episodes

Season 0.5 is names as such because it was our initial outlay into the world of Podcasting before we really knew what we were doing. It was plauged with technical difficulties, poor equipment, in-experience and we even lost a few episodes due to power outtages and broken equipment.

If you're curious about the beginnings of the podcast this is where you'll find it, but we make no promises about quality, sanity or aural hygine

 1 Welcome to Actfur
Appocalyptic Fursonas
 3 Furry Survey
 4 Post MidFur
 1 Season 1 Intro
 2 Kokoda Dragons
 3 Zebra Riding
 4 80,000 Puppies
 5 Super Purry
 6 Back-Log #1
 7 Bang Ray
 8 Bengalicious
 9 Mid-Season Draw
9.5 Back-Log #2
10 Renewable Menergy
11 DJ bumbles
12 Halloween Special
13 Unlucky Some
 1 Season Return
 2 Energy-Pops
 3 Tanglesaurus
 4 F-Yeah!Explosions!
 5 Mad Science
 6 Emo-Penguin
 7 Candy Cabbage
 8 ??

Season 2 Episode 8 is missing. It will be up soon.

 9 On The Town
10 Time Pony
11 ActFurberus
12 Poddin' Out
13 Tiger Trafficking
14 Pawsentation
15 Fandom Lurve
16 Halloween Special
17 Moving Out
18 Season Finale
 X Christmas Special
 1 Dress to Impress
 2 Bunnies, Bacon & Furdu
 3 3 of 3 of 3
 4 Spacebear
 5 Rainbewm
 6 Rockabily
 7 Mailbag Bonanza
 8 Mid-Season
 9 Kanga Punch
10 ActPurr
11 Panda Power
12 Edumacation
13 Stress Relief
14 Dino-ween
15 Adulthood
16 Season Finale
 X Christmas Special
 1 Grand Opening
 2 Initiative Roll
 3 Good & Bad
 4 Daaawgies
 5 Ponylicious
 6 Family Furs
 7 Metafhurs
 8 Dreams
 9 Halloween Special
 1A Blast Off
2A Tune Tales
 3A Cookup
 4A Anthro-Belt
 5A Halloween
 6A Role Play (PnP)
 7 Role Play (PnP)
 8 ActFur Final